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sWe posess advanced domestic and overseas equipments such as 16- spiral-steel pipe production lines producing diameter 219-3620mm, wall thickness 4-30 mm and 4 four advanced automatic JCOE steel pipe production lines specializing in the production of straight double-sided submerged arc welding pipe, and specification of products in this line is 400 – 1500 mm for diameter, 3 m-12 m for length, 8 mm-60 mm for wall thickness, 3 square and rectangular automatic production lines and hydrothermal forming production line.The advanced equipments are used to produce square steel pipes with 30-800mm for diameter ,3-40 mm for wall thickness and seamless steel pipes with 325-1420mm for diameter, 8-40mm wall thickness. Products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, high-rise buildings, large steel structure, steel structure housing, mine, steel support, gas transportation, water transportation, oil mining transport platform, etc. 

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